What I Did Wrong

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Alex here.

This past episode of Disasterpiece Theatre, I made a joke that was wrong and wasn’t even funny.  And now, like all hurtful not-funny jokes, I find myself backpedaling and trying to explain it.  I called an awesome guy, TJ Miller, fat.  Twice, even.  That was wrong and hurtful, and I apologize unreservedly for it.

It bears mention that TJ Miller is not fat.  He’s a normal human, and ten to one odds says he’s in way better shape than me.  I was out of line.  What I said was hurtful and untrue, and in trying to parody some of the bad parts of Hollywood, I took on the same outlook I was trying to skewer.

The whole point of Disasterpiece Theatre is to lampoon the Hollywood blockbuster industry.  I have a real love/hate relationship with the system, too.  It does things that I never could’ve imagined and takes me to new places in fiction, but it also does some things that make me want to pull my hair out.  The system has a way of categorizing people in the most douchebag producer/accountant sort of way, and we wanted to play to that.  They have their stock-standard roles for, “the geeky guy,” “the best friend,” or “the hottie.”  We wanted to hit them hard for creating such an unrealistic portrayal of the human body, morality and civilization.

The system is full of Brad Pitts and Megan Fox(es) and all kinds of people who make normal, healthy-looking folks appear weird by comparison.  I’ve always idolized guys like Jason Seigel, Seth Rogan, DJ Qualls and TJ Miller, folks who have risen to starring roles in spite of being regular folks.  I love their work, and they invariably become my favorite characters in any movie that they’re in.  I’ve always wanted to be like them, but instead, I sounded like an internet forum: judgmental and shallow.

TJ listened to our podcast.  I have been hoping since the start of this endeavor that one of our featured celebrities would hear our work, and the fact that he listened was mind-blowing for me…  And then I called him fat.  I made a flippant comment, trying to emulate an uncaring Hollywood, and he heard me.  He left us a comment about how hurtful it was.  I’m a jerk.

I want to publicly apologize to Mr. Miller right now.  TJ, I’m sorry. While it was never my intent to do this, and I feel I could do better, the important thing is that I messed up. And since I was wrong publicly, I wanted to apologize publicly.  You’re certainly welcome to call me anything your heart desires, because I have it coming.  I bear responsibility for my remarks, and they’ve reflected poorly upon my co-hosts.

And with that, I’m genuinely sorry.  I hope you’ll forgive me.


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  1. Arthur says:

    It takes a true adult to admit when he’s done something wrong or out of line. You’ve always had my respect and friendship and that will never change. I applaud you for taking this head on like the stand up person I know you to be. I know you and I know that you never meant to hurt anyone this is a comedy show meant as you said to both celebrate and lampoon a system so full of cliches and type casting that it has cornered the market on this and invented ways of seeing and interpreting the world. I am glad you apologized as I know your character and that you meant no harm.

  2. Sanjita says:

    I know this was 2011 but now he’s fat. 2014. Dude is biggums. So he had it in him.
    Just saying.

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