Episode 12: Misha Collins

On November 3, 2011, in Podcast Archive, by AlexWhite


Misha Collins – @mishacollins (verified)

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81 Responses to Episode 12: Misha Collins

  1. Richard Taylor says:

    Misha was coming on pretty strong, Alex. Victoria Vantoch will be heartbroken, you homewrecker!

  2. Alex White says:

    He was totally into me.

  3. Thea R. says:

    And he says he doesn’t read fanfiction and doesn’t know what tumblr is. Pfffft. WE’RE ONTO YOU MISHA. WE ARE ONTO YOU. Also special shoutout to whoever mentioned fandomwank. I got such a kick out of that. =P

  4. Misha is such a flawless human being. I think he ships everything.

  5. HeySammy says:

    You guys are certain that the Supernatural fandom is about to break down your site, right? You can’t just publish something like this uncut and then hope that we are not going to freak out about it.

  6. Emily says:

    Sometimes it creeps me out how much the actors are aware of what goes on in this fandom. Then I get over it.

  7. Brooke says:

    So. freaking. funny. Thank you for this!

  8. leviathanmisha says:

    So, this was 8 minutes of me not breathing due to the insane laughter. Could Misha really be any more flawless?

  9. Ruby says:

    I could seriously listen to hours of this conversation and never get tired. I love Misha to bits. Absolutely hysterical. Our Overlord doesn’t afraid of anything and gives exactly zero fucks (unless you’re Alex, of course, and then all bets are off).

  10. Rebecca says:

    Two brothers fucking each other directed by Kermit the Frog? Genius.

    Misha had no idea what your show is about and still managed to turn the tables on both of you (and take your virginities, I think).

  11. Me says:

    everything is misha collins and nothing hurts

  12. Belinda says:

    And people wonder why Misha Collins is an overlord and beloved by many, this man is a fucking genius! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Maddy says:

    You guys are awesome for having Misha on your podcast. It’s effin brilliant.

  14. Rachael says:

    “You might be some people’s actor.” Thank you for this interview! WINCEST! DESTIEL! GAY MISHA PORN! Alex, I love you – you should make this Supernatural movie happen. PLEASE. Bunches and bunches of slash.

  15. Samantha says:

    That was hilarious. I effing love Misha. Y’all rock for having him on!!

  16. Grace says:

    I love pretty much the whole thing was about gay being on Misha’s mind…all the time. Fun podcast!

  17. DaluciaRahl says:

    Misha is absolutely my favorite Troll ever. You guys are hilarious. Win all around. There is probably a LOT of good money to be had in a Supernatural Gay Porn…If you ever figure out how to make it happen I think you’d be set for life.

    • Stephen Granade says:

      It was quite the experience watching him take everything in a new direction. But he, he called me hot. Possibly because of my stylish shaved head.

  18. nina says:

    Well, that was fun! Where Misha goes, his Minions will follow. Glad he takes us to such interesting places. I know I’ll be back! Good job, guys :)

  19. ErikMarie says:

    That was the most glorious thing my ears have ever experienced and I shall spread it all around. Fantastic piece peoples. ^_^

  20. Falak says:

    You guys just won yourselves a boat-load of Minion fans. That was the best 8 minutes ever. Trust Misha to be so good at teasing, and leaving ๐Ÿ˜‰ You guys are awesome! :)

  21. Zen says:

    gayporn incest story wt 2 brothers fuckin the shit each others???!!! LMAO Misha !

  22. Pinkwood says:

    Misha – the Human Dirty Bomb. That man is King of my heart! Awesome job guys – I need a lie down after that ๐Ÿ˜€ *group hug*

  23. Seriously? says:

    I swear to god, Misha Collins has to have the dirtiest mind in the universe, outside all those Wincest fans!!! EW? I’d just love to see Jensen or Jared’s face after listening to this. That would make my life.

    Stephen, you are very lucky.

  24. Awesome McBadass says:

    So is Bob Saget on next week? I’m sure he’d be fun, too!

  25. J. L. says:

    I had never heard of Disasterpiece Theatre until now, but I’m a fan now. :) Misha rules!!

  26. Elle says:

    Stumbled upon this by accident. Greatest accident of my life! Misha is hilarious as always and you guys were amazing as well. Now I need to find out what Fandomwank is.

  27. Roberta says:

    Can you all bring back Misha for another episode? AND THANK YOU FOR BEING EPIC ENOUGH TO INVITE HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. (And yes, that needed to be said in caps).

    My favorite line by a host, “Dude, he is making fiery eye contact at me. *whispers* I think he likes me.” Gah! Misha staring you down. You lucky, lucky man.

    My favorite line by Misha, “That doesn’t make you straight.” I actually cheered at that. Epic.

    Really, bring him back for a few minutes every week. This is so much fun. And how do I subscribe to your podcast. I can’t think right now. I’m buzzing with Misha epicness….

    • AlexWhite says:

      The easiest way to subscribe is to click the “Subscribe in iTunes” link at the top of the page.

      As far as bringing him back, well, only time will tell. Perhaps lightning will strike twice.

  28. Indrani says:

    Two thumbs up, guys!!! This is absolutely brilliant… Misha is extraordinarily witty. And Alex(?), you’re a great sport and hilarious… I’m a fan now… Keep up the great work…

    New Delhi

  29. kellyhoo says:

    god! it’s misha collins~~ supernatural fans episode~~ have 2 say u guys did it very well~~ can’t stop laughing throughout the 8mins~~ it a pity to find this website and listen all yr episodes (cuz i am chinese), so funny~~ waiting 4 more episodes!

  30. Rhi McLaughlin says:

    Too funny. This minion approves. You are the best! Now must go listen to the others.

  31. Eva says:

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    While listening to this, was drinking whiskey with a dash of nog. Did not expect the Gay Incest. RIP whiskey-nog.

  32. Anonymous says:


    The fandom has some work to do. I’ll be on livejournal writing.

    This is me formally welcoming Alex White to the land of fictional written porn. Your existence has been noted, and is now filed away.

  33. Matt says:

    Lol, this is the first time I’ve heard of you guys, and I LOVED that podcast! That was absloutely hilarious! I’ll have to check out more of your stuff!

  34. Xenobia4 says:

    I absolutely love you guys! Took me forever to find the source of the quote, but you all are so amazing! xD

  35. TriciaM. says:

    Wow, I JUST found this site, and OMFG this interview is “fing” HILARIOUS! I’m a huge Misha Collins fan but now I’m absolutely in love! Thank you for having him on!!! PLEASE try and have him back!

  36. Hollowdoll says:

    You definitely made fandom history with this! I have listened to it over and over again. You all are such good sports with an amazing sense of humor, so it was a treat to find out Misha was going to be on. If you can hold your own, (wink, wink) with Misha at his finest, that is saying something.

  37. Nicki says:

    Misha, never stop. You are perfection. Also, great job to you guys at Disasterpiece Theatre for handling Misha and all his craziness so well.

  38. Daisy says:

    I can’t believe I missed this all along, lol! I adore Misha, he has such a wonderful sense of the ridiculous. Mix that with his snark and sarcasm, add THAT to his obvious physical perfection, then top it off with dropping the F bombs here and there and it all evens out to sheer bliss. I give you 5 stars, Disasterpiece Theatre. That is all, carry on!

  39. Ermahgerd..Destiel says:

    My gawd, I think I may have passed out for a few seconds there. Mmmm.. Misha *drooooools*

  40. Katie says:

    I laughed so hard I woke up people two rooms down from me. Him (and you guys) are so funny. You guys handled him so well- sometimes interviewers are shocked by his sheer… weirdness.. but this was so funny. WELL DONE!

  41. WooHoo says:

    That was awesome! Any chance of getting him back on the show??

  42. KraziiIsMe says:

    This was hysterical, oh my god. I’d love to see Misha on here again!

  43. Maile says:

    The most candid I’ve ever seen Misha. I loved every goddanm second. More! More I tell you!

  44. Sara Vidanagamage says:

    Omg misha you complete nut.

  45. Stephanie J says:

    This….this needs to happen again!

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