Who Should Be Doctor Who?

On November 14, 2011, in Movie News, by Stephen Granade

David Yates, who directed some of the Harry Potter movies, is working on a Doctor Who movie. I learned this from Variety and approximately 98% of my Twitter feed.

Yates made clear that his movie adaptation would not follow on from the current TV series, but would take a completely fresh approach to the material.

“Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch,” he said.

As someone who spends his free time dreaming up terrible movies, this news fills me with glee. Will it be like the 1996 made-for-TV movie, which explained that the Doctor is actually half-human? If it’s going to be a disasterpiece, we need to start by re-casting the Doctor.

P.S. Yes, yes, I know Jim Broadbent has already played the Doctor, albeit for about two minutes.

P.P.S. Actually, Keira Knightley could probably pull off the role with a lot of panache.

8 Responses to Who Should Be Doctor Who?

  1. Rynn says:

    Can I put in a vote for Charlie Sheen? Can imagine how awkward that would be.

  2. Wendy says:

    I nominate Jim Carey. Because you know half the movie would be closeups of his rubber face reacting to everything else going on, then the other half could be snappy one-liners. But there would be Daleks, so the movie wouldn’t suck that bad after all.

  3. Jenni says:

    You sure you don’t want to give Justin Bieber his shot at a big screen debut? Just think about it – Doctor Who: The Beat is Back!

  4. Dilwyn says:

    Madonna for Doctor with Robert De Nero as companion.

  5. Maybe Robert Pattinson can regenerate into Justin Bieber!

  6. Rynn says:

    Ohh good one Wendy! I laughed at that and stopped abruptly when I realized Dr. Who is no laughing matter!

  7. Beth says:

    I hate Doctor Who. I hate Doctor Who so much I don’t even want to joke around about it. Therefore I nominate Jason Statham, because who better to kick that franchise’s ass than The Transporter himself? It would really turn the whole thing on its head. Don’t you agree?

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