Kriss Kross Will Make You 21

On November 18, 2011, in Movie News, by Stephen Granade

Long ago when Fox let TV shows run for more than a handful of episodes, 21 Jump Street was a TV show that starred Johnny Depp and some other actors as cops who, since they all looked young, were undercover at high schools. As you might imagine, this meant that the show tackled after-school-special issues of the day like AIDS, homophobia, drug use, and alcoholism. Occasionally each episode would end with the cast giving giant MORAL STATEMENTS to the Youth of Today who were presumably watching the show.

Now Jonah Hill has updated the show and made it more relevant to the New Youth of Today. Beware: the trailer below is all red banded up and should not be watched if you are under age or have a weak constitution.

Your eyes do not deceive you: that is Ice Cube, who wrote the song “Fuck Tha Police”, as the police captain whose main function is to shout lines like “You’re a loose canon!” at the protagonists.

So to summarize, we have a reboot of a cheesy late ’80s TV show where the earnest moral messages are replaced with hilarious beer-drinking and drug-taking scenes, and protagonists occasionally fire guns whilst flying through the air. Ice Cube plays a cop, and even better, Johnny Depp has a decent-sized role in the movie.

Given that 21 Jump Street has been revived, what other early Fox shows should be brought back as movies?

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