Twitch film broke it, and we’re running it: They just offered Ken Watanabe the part of the Colonel in Akira.

Wattaguy! Amiright?!

I can’t tell you how exciting this is!  I haven’t been so excited to see someone in a role since they cast Patrick Stewart as Professor X.  Watanabe was the clear choice we were all clamoring for… well, everyone except Brooke, with her now-famous casting of some kind of weird, alternate-reality Akira, where the cast is all-Asian.

I found the following quote from Twitch quite interesting:

Twitch broke word late in October that Gary Oldman had been offered the part of The Colonel in the film and now, with the actor and Warner Brothers unable to close the deal, we have learned that the part is being offered to Ken Watanabe instead.

Does that mean that if the deal falls through with Kristen Stewart, they’ll offer the role to Eihi Shiina?  Perhaps, if Garrett Hedlund isn’t on board, we can ditch the emo hijinks and get back to being the biker shitheads Kaneda and Tetsuo were meant to be with Harry Shum, Jr..

Most importantly, why did Oldman back out?  Was it a money thing… or could he sense a PR disaster in the making?

[via Twitch]

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4 Responses to Ken Watanabe in Akira, Cats and Dogs Sign Peace Accord

  1. Matt Weber says:

    I’m stoked about this pick! I’m still not on board with the remake until I see that they can actually put the rest of the cast together on this kind of caliber. Not to mention the screenplay needs to be faithful to the manga or at least the original film. Please don’t dumb it down for us Americans or change it completely and make it another movie on par with 2005’s epic-fail Doom.

  2. Brooke Fox says:

    It’s a start. *unimpressed producer face*

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