Tom Rothman, executive for Prometheus spoke candidly to MTV’s Josh Horowitz a the Gotham Awards, calling the leak of the Prometheus trailer, “Heartbreakingly unfair.”  He then babbled on in a semi-drunken manner and said some really weird stuff.

Seriously!  Does it look like he’s about to swing his arm over poor Josh Horowitz and breathe, “I love you so much, man… you know I do, right?  You know it,” right into the poor guy’s face?

I agree.  It’s totally unfair that Scott’s footage escaped without polish.  As a creator, I would be appalled if I didn’t get to put my best foot forward.

“Way more original,” is not something that I would say about most movie ideas when compared with Alien.  That’s like calling Casablanca derivative.  So what that it’s older and has been ripped off about a billion times?  That doesn’t make Alien less of a horrific statement on corporate abuses, and it doesn’t make it any less “deep” or “profound.”  And furthermore, what the heck was with his bizarre definition of a prequel?  Not all science fiction films have continuity with each other, crazy drunken producer!

Something bizarre is going on over at the set of Prometheus.  Why are they being so squirrely with information?

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  1. Matt Weber says:

    I’m staying cautiously optomistic about this one. On one hand it’s Ridley Scott going back to the original franchise but on the other hand his last movie (Robin Hood) was pretty awful. I really liked Alien and Aliens though. Alien 3 was not good (they should have gone with William Gibson’s script…), and Alien Resurrection was vomit on film. We will see I guess. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

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