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Disasterpiece Theatre is an exercise in true Hollywood movie magic.  Each week, we take a theme and try to come up with the movies the industry would be most likely to make.  The magic happens when we create something dark and terrible; a hideous and inexorable vision of the cinematic future, and you know true despair.


The Crew

First off, we all live in Huntsville, Alabama, the Rocket City.

Alex White is a writer, artist, composer, comedian and gamer, and he has been podcasting since 2009.  His first podcast, The Gearheart, was a 2010 Parsec Award Finalist, and the follow-up, Maiden Flight of the Avenger, was a 2011 Parsec Award Finalist.  He has a wife, a child, two dogs and a cat.  He hates/loves movies.

Stephen Granade is a physicist who likes lasers, software, and long walks in the moonlight. He also played “That Guy” on Dragon*Con’s DCTV.  If you’ve been to Dragon*Con, you’ve seen him. He’s also on the 2011 Parsec Award winning podcast What the Cast.

Mega-Producer Kelsey Prater was previously the key grip for Disasterpiece Drama Club, she has now taken up the mantel of DPT Producer, but it feels like she’s been around forever. She is a writer, cosplayer, gamer, and lover of all things nerdy. She also helped with The Gearheart podcast by becoming the lovely villainess, Astrid. She is also constantly being reminded that she isn’t being paid…

Computer Genius Matt Weber. He is the man behind the curtain, literally. He does that thing with the computers that makes us all sound good. Really, I don’t know what he does. Fairly sure he isn’t being paid either. Anyway, he’s the one that keeps us sounding like angels… sweet, harmonious angels


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