Essay writing- Types, Importance, and Guidelines



According to the information, writing is a good thing, and writing an essay is a part of our academic life. For a small school going children it is a part of gaining their grades. For writing especially during the exam, you need essay help to make it exciting and interesting content. What you do write the question and hit the answer which is straightforward but it’s ok if you are using proper format to make it impressive.

Some of you may not know about the types, importance, and guidelines of essay writing.

Types of essay

There are four types of essay which are as followed:

  • Descriptive essay: It means making a picture through the word. For example- you have to explain the village scene. Then what did you do you write each thing which you know about the village. So that explanation about the town is known as a descriptive essay.
  • Reflective essay: In this, the writer expresses some incidence of life to create interest from the reader point of view. These experiences may help some people you get to motivate and make a smile on someone‚Äôs face.
  • Expository essay: In a reflective essay, the writer may share some experience of his/her life whereas descriptive essay explains the facts and verifiable data which show a fair in the topic. These facts are full of logic and experience.
  • Persuasive essay: It represents the ideas and thoughts to the reader which make them believe in these thoughts. The main aims of the writer to make the reader full of logic and appeal the judgment.

Importance of essay

  • Essay writing is practiced in school. The entire students write the composition according to the instruction of teacher.
  • There are four types of essay writing; the choice is yours to select that one that makes more creative and help you in explaining your thoughts to the reader.
  • It is used not only for gaining the grades it is also useful for sharing a thought.


There are some guidelines which help you in writing the effective essay

  • Select that topic on which you can feel comfortable in writing the essay. You can take the essay to benefit from online sites.
  • Make the image of that topic which helps you in collecting the information. This is the best way to express your feeling and thought.
  • The right content plays an essential role in essay writing. While writing you need to concentrate and maintain a proper focus.

These are some guidelines, types, and importance of essay writing which help you in knowing more about essay.